Inventory Management™

OI Inventory ManagementTM

Central view of your entire drug inventory.

Inventory Management™

To fully optimize their investment and responsiveness to customers, pharmacies need to have a full chain wide view of their prescription drug inventory.

Too many times, pharmacies lack this visibility and, as a consequence, carry excess inventory or miss opportunities to fill prescriptions with existing inventory and instead place another order with their supplier. Excess inventory levels unnecessarily reduce cash flow and lead to excessive product expirations.


Accurate on-hand quantities are critical to fully optimize your inventory investment.
Yet, due to the potential disruption in day-to-day business, pharmacies do not consistently perform physical inventory counts across all stores. Not having a process to regularly perform physical counts can lead to inaccurate levels of inventory in your system, but can also hide inappropriate activities such as drug diversion.
Inventory Management™

OI Exchange™ provides pharmacies with a central view of their entire prescription drug inventory.

Excess or slow moving items are quickly identified for transfer to other higher volume stores or return to the supplier before expiration.


OI Count™ establishes a data-driven and consistent methodology that selects specific inventory items for physical count and distributes these work orders to each store on a periodic basis.
The solution also provides the workflow to track the activity, capture the physical counts and identify discrepancies between these counts and system balances. Reporting tools then analyze these discrepancies and flag items for follow up and more research.


Inventory Management™ Analyzing

On hand quantities are updated with daily dispensing data to create an accurate view of on hand quantities across all generic product categories and stores.

OI Count™ analyzes dispensing activity and on-hand quantities to identify inventory items for specific on hand counts. Once the list of items is formulated, work lists are then distributed to each store for items that need to be physically counted.



Inventory Management™ Customizing

Workflow tools are designed to allow for quick and easy transfers to higher volume stores or to create returns back to the supplier.

Once the counts are performed, results are recorded and compared to existing on-hand amounts in the pharmacy system. Discrepancies between physical counts and on-hand quantities in the system are then identified for follow up and research.



Inventory Management™ Integrate

The solution is designed to easily integrate with your existing pharmacy management systems and processes causing the least disruption while delivering superior value.

This consistent, data driven approach puts more control in the hands of management and leads to optimal inventory levels, customer service and profit.



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