Inventory Management™

OI Inventory ManagementTM

Central view of your entire drug inventory.

Inventory Management™

Market activity like changes in demand, patient mix, provider network and formulary, generic launches, seasonality, drug shortages and moving to new suppliers can all have a material negative impact on your prescription drug inventory. Too many pharmacies lack the resources or visibility into market changes to properly manage their inventory levels. The resulting inventory swell leads to reduced cash flow from operation and increased losses through expirations.

Inventory Management™

Our inventory management solution takes historical demand, current market activity and changes in pricing into account to properly forecast demand for each drug at each location. These forecasts are used to automatically set accurate re-order points and quantities while identifying slow-moving inventory in one location for transfer to another.


Consistent validation of on-hand quantities are necessary for accurate and reliable inventory reporting. Our solutions can deliver consistent customer defined cycle counts to each store and analyze how often variances exist.  

Easy to access analytics that alert stores of items that can be returned to suppliers decrease drug expirations and profits lost to reverse distribution.


This leads to optimized on-hand quantities and improved customer service.

Inventory Management™ Integration

OrderInsite’s cloud-based applications capture data and provide updates to your pharmacy system daily. This happens via bi-directional interfaces that are set up and configured during the initial implementation. These interfaces are jointly developed with your pharmacy system vendor so that they are fully supported and require little to no user interactions once our implementation is completed. OrderInsite has a comprehensive support infrastructure that monitors these daily exchanges of data with your pharmacy system so that in the event that an error occurs we can engage to correct the issue immediately.

Inventory Management™ Analyzing

OrderInsite employs a proprietary suite of advanced algorithms to process the data we receive from your pharmacy system. Using today’s technology and the power of the cloud, information is analyzed in seconds so that necessary updates are provided back to your pharmacy system in a timely manner so that normal store hours are not affected.

Inventory Management™ Customizing

OrderInsite’s applications are designed to be highly configurable. This allows you to set up the application to follow your best practices so that you manage your business as you see fit.

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