Purchasing Management™

OI Purchasing ManagementTM

Standardizing purchases while improving efficiency

Purchasing Management™

Ensuring consistent purchasing

Applying consistent logic across hundreds of drugs with multiple suppliers can be difficult to manage. When compounding that process while being diligent tracking of controlled substance purchasing or 340B purchasing can be overwhelming to pharmacy staff.

Purchasing Management™

OI Buy™ uses sophisticated algorithms to simplify the determination of appropriate purchasing behavior based on the pharmacy business rules.

OIBuy™ reviews each item ordered and sends it to the appropriate supplier for that drug and pharmacy combination. Every pharmacy manages their business differently and OIBuy ensures that orders are placed in a manner consistent with the pharmacy’s requirements.

Purchasing Management™ Analyzing

The rules for each supplier are analyzed and applied to each drug in the order.

Purchasing Management™ Customizing

Customers determine how they want their ordering process to be managed including warehouse, 340B, and multiple wholesaler relationships.

Purchasing Management™ Integrate

The solution can be used with any pharmacy system. OIBuy operates between the pharmacy system and the suppliers applying logic and managing EDI connectivity.

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