Advanced Analytics™

OI Advanced AnalyticsTM

A powerful cloud-based analystics and reporting engine.

Advanced Analytics™

The demand for internal and external reporting within pharmacies is growing dramatically.

Pressure on profitability and productivity are forcing pharmacies to be more focused on the data that drives their business. The demands from external sources, such as audits and government reporting, are also increasing with no end in sight. Many pharmacies need tools to address these increasing reporting needs but lack the resources to build advanced analytic tools.

Advanced Analytics™

Advanced Analytics is a cloud-based analytics engine that easily integrates with a pharmacies existing systems to provide advanced reporting at a reasonable price.

Advanced Analytics helps pharmacies answer key questions about their business and provides a solid foundation for auditing and compliance related reporting. This cloud based system leverages significant investments to deliver the highest levels of performance, security and reliability.

Advanced Analytics™ Analyzing

Standard data interfaces are used to capture daily data feeds and load them into a powerful analytics database.

Advanced Analytics™ Customizing

Once the data is loaded a easy to use interface allows customers to run reports that are specific to a given store or companywide.

Advanced Analytics™ Integrate

The tool supports basic analytics and provides support for audits and compliance reporting.

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