OI ComplianceTM

Automatic Notification of Possible Diversion


Monitoring patterns in your data to identify possible diversion activities occurring within your pharmacy.

Managing expected on-hands based on dispensing and ordering behavior can be a daunting task manually.


OI Comply monitors patterns in your data to identify possible diversion. The solution will highlight suspicious items when ordering and dispensing amounts do not align or adjustments are out of norm.


Working seamlessly with OI Comply, our Documentation feature allows you to create cases for follow-up based on suspicious activity. You have the ability to provide access to your loss prevention departments or relevant management teams to follow-up on these activities and close the case when the investigation is complete.


Compliance™ Analyzing

OI Comply analyzes dispensing activity and on-hand quantities to identify potential diversion.

Compliance™ Investigating

Alert the appropriate person of potential diversion activities.

Compliance™ Documenting

Document the diversion investigation utilizing the OI Document tool for DEA and Board of Pharmacy audits.

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