OI ComplianceTM

Automatic Notification of Possible Diversion


Daily monitoring of store activity is necessary to protect your organization against diversion. Most pharmacies lack the necessary resources and timely data to effectively perform the necessary steps to stay in compliance. Data can be difficult and time consuming to capture. Once the data is captured many pharmacists lack the necessary skills, training, and tools to efficiently analyze all aspects of this data in a reasonable time frame. This latency leads to weak controls and poor compliance.


Using our existing data interfaces and the power of the cloud, our compliance tools monitor each store’s dispensing, adjustment, purchasing and receiving information, along with other data patterns to identify and alert for potential diversion. Once diversion is suspected, our application provides an easy to use documentation tool to capture the underlying data, assign and escalate tasks to users and create reporting that will support your internal compliance procedures.


Our track and trace solutions capture drug pedigree information (T3 data) and provide a central repository and reporting solution to support efforts to comply with DSCSA.

Compliance™ Integration

OrderInsite’s cloud-based applications capture data and provide updates to your pharmacy system daily. This happens via bi-directional interfaces that are developed in partnership with your pharmacy software vendor. These interfaces are set up during implementation are are fully supported by your vendor. Once implementation is completed, little to no user interaction is required. OrderInsite has a comprehensive support infrastructure to monitor and correct any issues that may occur.

Compliance™ Analyzing

OrderInsite employs a proprietary suite of advanced algorithms to process the data we receive from your pharmacy system. Using today’s technology and the power of the cloud, information is analyzed in seconds so that necessary updates are provided back to your pharmacy system in a timely manner so that normal store hours are not affected.

Compliance™ Customizing

OrderInsite’s applications are designed to be highly configurable. This allows you to set up the application to follow your best practices so that you manage your business as you see fit.

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