About Us

About Us

OrderInsite™ was founded to level the playing field by optimizing drug inventory for community, specialty and hospital pharmacy. Our solutions enable more sophisticated inventory management and superior market insights, to help our customers maximize profits and provide excellent customer service.

Over 84% of drugs prescribed today are generic. The industry projects this number will increase. Factors that impact the pricing and availability of generic drugs can have significant impacts on profitability and customer satisfaction for pharmacies. Our solutions help to manage these factors that affect the supply and pricing of generic drugs.

OrderInsite™ provides our customers integrated solutions with their existing practice management systems, head office communication and management systems, and ordering and inventory systems. Automatic bi-directional data feeds between your systems and our cloud based systems allow us to provide our solutions to you through the power and convenience of the Web. Our solutions are designed to work as a single solution or you may use them collectively to provide the optimal solution for your requirements.

Our algorithms employ sophisticated predictive analytics utilizing historical demand patterns, real-time pricing and predicted availability to deliver precise quantities to optimize inventory levels that maximize profits and improve customer satisfaction. Our solutions provide workflow tools and advanced reporting to help our customers significantly improve processes for overall inventory management.

Meet Our Leadership Team

George Lazenby Co-Founder/CEO

George has nearly 20 years experience in the field of Healthcare Information Technology (HCIT). Most recently he served as member of the Board of Directors and CEO of Emdeon, the nation’s largest health information network. George led Emdeon through significant growth making the company a clear leader in its space. In 2009, George led Emdeon through a successful IPO and in 2011 sold the company to Blackstone for $3 billion.

Mark Lyle Co-Founder/VP, Product and Marketing

Mark has over 35 years experience in pharmacy technology and systems. Mark was the founder/CEO of eRx Network a leading electronic prescribing network and pharmacy switch which he sold to Emdeon in 2009. As SVP, Pharmacy Services he managed Emdeon’s pharmacy business from 2009 through 2012. Prior to eRx, Mark founded Zadall Systems, Inc. in 1982, a pharmacy practice management system that became a market leader which was sold to National Data Corporation (NDC) in 1994.

Paul Liou VP and CTO

Paul is an expert software developer with extensive healthcare experience. Most recently Paul was SVP of Application Development at Emdeon. Paul led development of one of Emdeon’s most successful revenue cycle management products and helped drive companywide technology direction. Prior to Emdeon, Paul was an initial founder and CIO of Medi.com. At Medi.com Paul created the industry’s leading hospital revenue cycle management application that was sold to Emdeon in 2003.

Jill Burton VP, Operations

Jill has over 22 years of experience in product and customer facing roles in the pharmacy industry. Jill held key positions at PDX helping develop and install industry leading software and improve pharmacy operations. She has also held key IT management positions at a large regional chain in the north east. This unique mix of experience and her desire to build winning teams makes Jill a strong addition to the OI team.

Clark Kucharski VP, Product and Innovation

Clark has over 30 years experience in pharmacy technology and systems. Before joining OrderInsite, Clark was responsible for the launch and operation of MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc. e-Prescribing services. Clark began his career at Zadall Systems, Inc., a pharmacy practice management software and service company which was acquired by National Data Corporation (NDC) in 1994. While at Zadall and NDC, Clark held a variety of senior management responsibilities in both Account and Product Management. Clark has also held a Principle Consultant position in Wipro Limited’s Pharmacy Center of Excellence and a Management position in Ateb, Inc.’s Pharmacy Chain Practice.

Kevin Galloway Director of Implementation

Kevin has nearly 15 years of experience in software implementation and customer support, primarily in the healthcare space. Prior to joining OrderInsite, Kevin held key management positions at both Emdeon and Qualifacts. Kevin’s experience coupled with his innovative vision drives his passion for customer success.

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